It's a sad day for Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans.  It's been announced that Dale will miss the next two Nascar Sprint Cup races due to a concussion.  It happened on the last lap of the Talladega Race last Sunday.

Dale will miss the Charlotte this weekend and Kansas next week.  Regan Smith will take his place, although this would have been a great time to give Danica Patrick some seat time in the car.  It would some extra publicity for her, Nascar and Jr's team.  He wasn't in great position to win the Spring Cup anyway.  He finished 20th last weekend and stands 11th in the points.

He was highly critical of the race and said that if they raced like this every week, he would have to find another profession.  Some fans are speculating that Nascar suspended him for his comments.  There is NO WAY they would do that,  he's only been the most popular driver in Nascar for the past 10 years.  Add to that, that attendance has been down the last couple of years, they wouldn't cook the golden goose.