Have you ever curb shopped?  I know I do quite a bit of active walking and running in the City of Binghamton and on garbage day, you just "see things."  I'm always hesitant to just stop and take a look at the product, especially if someone is in the driveway or looking out their window.

But yet last night, I put a broken down chair to the curb at my Dad's house.  I told him we needed a sticker for the chair to be picked up but he didn't want to listen.  We had a bet that it would be gone in 20 minutes.  The bet was for dinner.  The chair went in 22 minutes. Close enough, I couldn't let my Dad pay for my dinner but I did save money on one of those foolish stickers.

So are there rules for curb shopping?  You bet your (recycled) flask.  It's best to check with the city of town to see what the rules are.  Here's what the City of Binghamton web site says: "350-13. Scavenging prohibited. No person shall interfere with or remove or scavenge for material in any container which has been placed at the curb or in any bulk refuse which has been placed at the curb by the owner or occupant for collection by the Department of Public Works, unless duly authorized to do so."

So the person who "lifted" my chair. I hope you can fix it up nice and it finds a nice place at a Thanksgiving table in the coming days.