Valentine's Day Poem
It’s Valentine’s day,
And it’s really quite silly;
My feelings are switching around
I’m happy, SO happy!
Then I’m feeling SO sad;
I’m gloomy, I’m joyful
Oh man, this is bad!
My body is clammy,
Then I’m in a deep sweat;
Sometimes I’m giddy,
Sometimes I fret.
I am all a mess
crazied and clumsy
Not because that is normal
But because that is how you make me.
I walk into walls daily
because you are on my mind.
When I peek around the corner,
It's you I am hoping to find.
I sneak around
Like a tiger on the prowl.
When you aren't in my view
I have nothing to do but scowl.
You are eye candy
And you sure satisfy my need.
I crave your sweetness
And off of it
I feed.
Right now though, I’m looking for comfort food
Deep in the fridge;
Often I think
I could jump off a bridge.
My mind is boggling
My hands shake.
I cannot get out of this lovely dream
because I refuse to wake.
What is the reason
For all the above?
It’s Valentine’s Day,
And I’m SO in love!