I need your help in the Chenango Bridge area.  A crossing guard was hit yesterday in front of the Chenango Bridge Elementary School and then left the scene.

I live 2 blocks from there and that easily could have involved my kids or any other kids in the area. If the guard was hit while walking the kids across the street, the vehicle easily could have hit them too.


The Broome County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the motorist. The crossing guard had just crossed several students, and was walking back across the street within the cross walk, when a vehicle struck her, causing her to fall on the hood of the vehicle.

The crossing guard didn't report any injuries.  The cross walk is located directly in front of Chenango Bridge Elementary School on River Road, which is located within a well posted school zone.

The car is described as:White, Small to Mid-Sized with NY Plate, possibly starting with "ENB- ____”,  Driver  is light skinned older male, glasses, dressed in a suit and tie.

If you have any information, please contact: Deputy Lawrence (3pm-11pm), Deputy Stapleton (7am-3pm), 607-778-1911 or dispatch at 607-778-1196.  There is also an anonymous tip line http://www.gobroomecounty.com/sheriff/crime-info-tips.

Thanks again for your help.