I’m sure my first doll wasn't a Cabbage Patch Doll, but the first doll I can remember owning was a Cabbage Patch Doll.  I took her everywhere with me until my little sister decided my doll needed some permanent marker on her face. Yep- still a little bitter about that to this day. 

Maybe you were like a lot of little girls and you wished that your Cabbage Patch Doll was a real living, breathing doll. Not such a creepy thing to think about when you're a kid, but if that fantasy has seeped into adulthood, then maybe your obsession runs a little too deep.

I find this really creepy, unless of course it's used as part of a Halloween costume and not an every day accessory. Amanda Lillie has created a bunch of crocheted wigs so that Cabbage Patch Doll fans can dress their baby up as the doll and is selling them on Etsy. And if you want to take your obsession even further, Amanda will make matching wigs for you AND your baby.

While this might seem cute to you, keep in mind your baby might not like it so much.  Something tells me this little girl is less than thrilled.

Amanda Lillie/Solent

Source: Mail Online