I have to wonder if Craig is upset with CBS's decision to pass him up for the host position of the The Late Show. He did congratulate Stephen Colbert on his new position on air. However last night he told the public he's leaving with no plan on what to do next!

You normally leave a great position with plans on stepping into another even greater endeavor. So I have to think that he's somewhat sour over not replacing David Letterman. If you watch Craigs show, he does make a lot of jokes about how low budget his show is. How he doesn't have a band... I have a sneaky suspicion he may have been discontented for quite some time. Stephen Colbert acquiring the position over him might've pushed him to just quit.

Needless to say whomever the new host will be, this person will probably have to reinvent the whole show taking it in a new direction. Who comes to the top of your mind that would love to work with all of the puppetry that Craig does? Could you imagine your interview?

"Yes, you'll be expected to interact with a robot skeleton created by the Mythbusters, a talking rhino head mounted above a fake fireplace mantle and a giant hand behind a curtain. You'll be required to create compelling comedy, and an awesome  atmosphere that will keep viewers up to watch your show past 1am"

Yeah right...