I’m all about sharing.  As a matter of fact, I think some people could use a kindergarten refresher course on how to share, but I think this is taking it to the extreme. In a gross way.

Meet the couple who shares everything– including dental floss.  But this couple isn’t sharing it out of love; they’re sharing it because they’re that cheap Karissa and Rick Parran from Atlanta, Georgia will be appearing on the second season of the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates later this month and in an attempt to pinch their pennies, the couple takes two minute-long showers together, limits the number of toilet flushes and shares all of the same toiletries– including toothbrushes, razors, deodorant, cotton swabs and floss.

“Rick uses the suds from my hair on his hair… it's like two for one on the shampoo,” says 26-year-old Karissa says. The couple claims that their lifestyle saves them hundreds of dollars a year, but really?

I can’t imagine showering with someone and them taking the suds off my head to wash their hair.  That’s just a little too extreme. Guess that’s why the show is called Extreme Cheapskates, huh?