They say there’s nothing like the feeling newlyweds have, so if you’re looking for a way to keep your marriage feeling fresh and fun, you might want to do what David and Lauren Blair have done 106 times.

David and Lauren Blair of Tennessee have gotten married 106 times over the course of their 30 year marriage, earning them the title of “most married couple” in the world.

David and Lauran got married in 1984 and promised each other they’d never let go of that happy moment when they first became man and wife.  So, they’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

The couple have gotten married all over the world including in London, New York, Las Vegas and even on a Romeo and Juliet theater set.

Caters News Agency/Daily Mail

“We’ve already been married on every numbered day of the month so every day is our anniversary, even on leap year,” Lauren said.

Their latest ceremony is scheduled for August 4, 2013. How long will they keep this up? I’m betting on til death do they part.

Source: Daily Mail