The Connecticut Huskies have busted a lot of people's brackets this year, but they felt that they owed a public apology to the President of the United States but they snubbed me.  Could it be because I'm a Cuse fan?

Many people (including President Obama and me) predicted that Michigan State would win the 2014 NCAA tournament. During his annual "Barack-etology" special.....the President's not mine...the President picked the Spartans to win it all.

On Sunday, Michigan State fell to Connecticut 60-54. After the game, the Huskies issued a public apology on Twitter: "Sorry about busting your bracket @BarackObama... We have room on our bandwagon if you're interested."

If the Huskies can find a way to win 2 more games, they can apologize to the President in person at the White House. By the way, Obama (and me) had the Huskies getting knocked out by Villanova in the tournament.

I'm still waiting for my apology.