I had the wonderful opportunity on Saturday to be the DJ/MC for the wedding of Ryan and Desiree Byce. We were at the Binghamton Club, which is as always an exceptional venue for a reception. The room was dressed in blue, I shot blue uplighting on the columns to accent the room and on the lighting rig I installed three star effect lights with a focused star pattern for The bride and groom to dance upon.

The introductions were on the way followed by the Bride and Grooms first dance,  toasts and blessing. Then dinner. The food was incredible, it was a Thai Buffet! After dinner the special dances were done. The brides brother had a surprise for the crowd as he took sound clips of the bride as a child and did a great job mixing them over the Father Daughter Dance song! I usually do that at the brides request, making the first dance a "love story" for the crowd to enjoy. I was proud of her brother for doing such a great job with the track! Here's the video from the Brides Father's(Ben Cabot II) Facebook page:

The night ended with the bride and groom send off and a few more songs for the guests to close down the venue. Such a beautiful wedding!!