Mayor Rich David today announced the City of Binghamton has initiated the process to start an estimated $2.6 million project to reconstruct Riverside Drive.  This is good news as yesterday driving on the popular thoroughfare, I thought I was going to lose my life in a series of pot holes.  On top of that people are swerving to avoid holes in the roads.

"Residents frequently ask me why Riverside Drive is an such bad shape and when it will be fixed," said Mayor David.  "This central roadway had been ignored for far too long and the time for action is now."

This week, the City will advertise and solicit for project bids to reconstruct Riverside Drive between Front Street and Beethoven Street, including water, sewer and sanitary lines, and curbs.  The plan calls for milling and saving valuable road material, which the city can sell to fund future infrastructure projects so badly needed in our area.  Work is expected to begin next month and be completed in November.

The condition of City, Town and Village roads has been the subject of many conversations.  Southern Tier listeners tell us that the roads in Binghamton, Endicott and Johnson City are the worst in the State of New York.  "It's absolutely disgusting," says Tammy Mills of Binghamton, adding,  "where is all of our tax money going?"