This week is Christmas Tree Week.  Do you have your tree up yet?

Tara calls our tree the "Misfortunate" Christmas Tree. She says that all the ornaments are so different.  Our ornaments don't match or have the same theme like some people do. I think that's what makes it special and unique.

There's a handmade "I Love Golf" ornament made by a friend that has passed away. There's a WHWK season greetings and a Bobby Labonte car ornament. The ornament with Tara holding her little stuffed dog "Spot" and wearing a Santa hat still makes me smile today.

The thing that amazes me the most though are the ornaments made by the kids. The imagination that went into it and I remember how proud they were when they showed me their ornaments.

I highly recommend having ornaments of the kids with their picture on it.  I also suggest that you put the year on it as well.  It's amazing to see how much they grow from one year to the next. It's like a time capsule.

If you are feeling a little stress that this time of year can bring. Take a moment, sit and relax and look at your tree.

If you really want to add a surreal moment, play Christmas music while looking at your tree. It may be a "Misfortunate" Christmas Tree but I don't want it any other way.