Brace yourself because the holidays are coming…and I’m not talking about Halloween.

My friends, it’s true, Kmart has already aired its first Christmas commercial!  The commercial started running on Monday and promotes the store’s no-fee layaway program and encourages consumers to get a jump on their holiday shopping.  


I don’t know about this but when I saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes and apparently I’m not the only one who’s sick of the rush every year. It feels like what’s supposed to be the most magical, memory filled time of the year is shoved down our throats earlier and earlier and the specialness is taken from it.


Experts say it’s becoming more common for companies to bump up their holiday advertising on social media, but TV spots are usually held back until late October (last year, Kmart’s first Christmas ad aired on October 28).  But you might remember that last year, Target released its first holiday commercial on October 7.


I wish everyone would just slow down a little and savor the seasons and holidays one at a time.  Life is too rushed as it is.

If you missed it and are curious, here's the commercial: