Chris Stapleton has commanded the attention of music lovers around the world and is using his popularity to bring to light the very serious issue of mental illness.

According to The Tennessean, when Stapleton filmed his immensely powerful video for "Fire Away," the producers wanted to make sure that every single thing in the video was as authentic as possible and so they turned to TriStar Portland ER and Sumner County EMS, for help and even in some instances, footage of actual EMS personnel on the job.

"Fire Away" takes a very raw look at mental health crises. In one scene a couple appear to be extremely happy as they move into a new home, but we very quickly see that behind the laughter and smiles, the woman is experiencing extreme emotional suffering.

Between each of the happy and light-hearted scenes, we begin to see a facade has been established to mask some very serious mental illness. The video ends with the bright light of a vibrant and beautiful soul being snuffed out as she finally succeeded in taking her own life.

Actor Ben Foster, who played the husband in the "Fire Away" video, praised the emergency workers by saying that what they face daily is “much harder than his job of portraying it in film.”