The two schools are considering a merger to help with financial concerns. Being a C.V. Alumni I will be sad to see the district changed, combined with our rivals. I don't know if the rivalry is still as strong now as it was when I attended. Would the two cultures seamlessly integrate? Enrollment has been down with both schools with financial concerns looming over their heads. It seems like a logical solution.

The outside consultants stated the possible reasons for merging:
1. more educational opportunities for students
2. reduction or stabilization of tax rates;
3. more cost effective administrative structure
4. reduction in the duplication of support services
5. possible upgrade of facilities.

This would decrease the faculty and increase student load in my opinion. The most interesting and underlined in the meeting summary for importance was this:

"In a merged district, with the same number of sports, there would be 1483 student openings for participation, with 74 coaches assigned to work with them."

Set aside the class size and educational advantages and disadvantages of a merger... could this be a maneuver to excel at interscholastic sports? C.V. and C.F. have always had pretty good teams but if you were to combine the best of both schools it seems the new district would pretty high on the "hard to beat" list?

If the vote goes though July 1, 2014 the new district will begin operation. what do you think? Should the districts combine into one Chenango Central School District?