I can't believe it, just one week till Thanksgiving.  The day we get together with family and give thanks for all the things in our lives.  I'm very thankful that I can drive to be with my family over the holidays.  I know others that aren't as lucky.

When it comes to Thanskgiving travel (as with most holidays), when you fly is almost as important as when you book.  If you want to enjoy some of Thanksgiving with your family and figure "some" is enough, then flying on Thanksgiving Days is the best bargain.  Maybe you can convince your family that arriving on Thanksgiving Day is for the best.  The cheapest date combo is departing on Thanksgiving Day and returning the next day (Friday the 23rd this year.)  Good luck on convincing your family to come pick you up on T day. The next cheapest combo is leaving on Thanksgiving Day and returning on the next Tuesday (11/27).

If you want to avoid Thanksgiving Day flights altogether, your best bet is departing on Monday the 19th and returning on Black Friday.  This way you can save some hassle and enjoy alot more time with your family.  So good luck, happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you can find the best combo deal (not only in air fare but also time that you want to spend with family) this holiday season.  If you think that you want to avoid your family, remember they may also want to avoid you.