The NASCAR boys and girl were at Charlotte NC last weekend for the All-Star race. However the most interesting thing at the Speedway might not have been on the track but on the back of the grandstands.

It had nothing to do with any of the drivers but by Charmin.  Yes, I said Charmin as in Charmin toilet paper.  Companies know that product placement and sponsorships are important and can be expensive and in these economic times it's crucial to get it right.

I think Charmin hit a home run with this one.....I know it's a baseball reference.  So maybe I should say that Charmin gets the checkered flag for this.  The home run reference fits better but I digress.

Charmin toilet paper unveiled the ‘Stop Skidmarks’ campaign at the track last weekend.  Fans can relate and snicker under their breath without embarrassment.  When Charmin was asked to comment on their message, this was their response.

“We think about poop and toilet paper all day, every day. And we love it.”

Good enough for me.  The NASCAR boys and girl stay in Charlotte this weekend for the Coca Cola 600, Sunday night beginning at 6 on Fox 40.  Going to the race, then look for the skids....both on the track and on the back of the grandstand