Shut the front door!  I'm still pinching myself to make sure this really happened and yes, yes it did.

If you listen to the Hawk Morning Show, you've heard me talk about Charlie Worsham and his Vine Videos and how funny I think they are.  Well, tonight my friend Natalie was at his show in Pennsylvania and she did the ultimate friend thing- asked Charlie to record a video greeting for me.  I'm still shocked. Seriously, is she not the most amazing friend ever?

I can't believe Charlie was right here in Binghamton and I didn't have a clue.  You mission is to keep your eyes open and tell everyone you know to keep their eyes open for Charlie around town (you never know, right?) and let me know if you spot him so that I can shake his hand and thank him for making me laugh every day through his completely silly and random Vine Videos. Deal?  Good!

Check out Charlie's message to me:

And I can't leave out my sweet friend Jerry who was also at the concert and snapped this pic for me:

Jerry Smith