Anyone who listens to the Hawk Morning Show has heard me mention the name Charlie Worsham at least a couple dozen times. No, I'm not some crazy obsessed stalker. I recognize talent and a good thing when I hear it and want to tell the world.

I think that Charlie is hands down one of the most talented country acts I've heard in a long time. He's not into "bro-country." He doesn't sing about trucks and beer. Charlie sings about the things in life that matter. Love, family, faith, self discovery. I've been championing for Charlie from the first day I listened to his album "Rubberband" and was starting to get frustrated that he wasn't getting the recognition I think he deserves, but that has turned around.

Rolling Stone Country has named Charlie a "must-see act."  The magazine describes Charlie sound (by the way, he's on tour with Brad Paisley) this way: "[Charlie] layers his performances with both tender, acoustic moments and swinging rompers that showcase tasteful instrumentation – though he's not shy about letting a roaring solo rip occasionally, too."

Charlie's Director of Promotion is a Binghamton native who worked for the Hawk for a couple years in the 90's in our sales department before making the big move to Nashville. When he heard what a huge fan I am, he gave Charlie our studio number and Charlie surprised us with a phone call one morning when he was waiting for a flight.  Here's our conversation:

Charlie will play the Hawk's Taste of Country Music Festival on Saturday June 14th and you've got a chance to see him along with all of the other amazing acts who'll be playing over the course of our 3-day festival with a pair of tickets AND meet and greet passes. Someone will win tonight with me at Ruby and Son's Jewelers. Find out what's going on and how you can win here.