I'm still stepping down from the clouds I floated up to when Charlie Worsham called the Hawk studio while he was waiting to catch a flight this morning.

Anyone who listens to the Hawk Morning Show will tell you what a big Charlie Worsham fan I am. It's actually become a game, trying to see how many Charlie references I can sneak each morning, so you can only imagine how elated I was when he called.

Charlie is as humble as they come, offering up praise to everyone he works with before accepting accolades of his own. If that doesn't say something about his character, I don't know what does. Charlie is incredibly gifted (check out his Cover Challenge), but he doesn't let it go to his head. He's pure in matters of the heart and I get the feeling that his parents have played a role in keeping him grounded on his way to the top. He doesn't strike me as the sort of person who will lose sight, no matter how big of a star he becomes, of where he came from and how hard he's had to work for his success.

Charlie chatted with us about my favorite songs on his Rubberband album, 'How I Learned to Pray' and 'Mississippi in July' as well as about what it was like to song-write with Vince Gill,  why he supports sarcoma education and research through FTL and so much more. Take a listen to our chat with Charlie:

If you're interested in seeing Charlie in concert, he'll be playing at the Hawk's Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain in June. Tickets are going fast, so scoop your tickets up before it's too late.