Today is National Polar Bear Day and to celebrate, the Hawk Morning Show is holding our second annual Polar Bear Plunge for the chance to win a pair of three day passes to the Hawk’s Taste of Country Music Festival. I can’t imagine anybody not wanting to be at the festival, much less for free!

Eight courageous souls will brave the freezing cold at 12pm today at 21st Century Pools and Spas on the Vestal Parkway. Each of the eight people who already won an invitation to join us who completely submerge themselves into a pool of freezing water will win a pair of two day TOC Fest tickets.

But wait….there’s a new twist this year!

Last year, Glenn chickened out and didn’t take the plunge giving the excuse that he had a planned “lunch” with an “out of town friend.”  We all know that he just didn’t want to get his hair messed up. So this year, Glenn has agreed to take the plunge in exchange for a donation in the amount of your choosing to the charity of your choice in the name of the Hawk Morning Show.  If you want to participate, call us before 9am this morning at 607-720-9801 or email us and we’ll add your name to the list. Once Glenn plunges (completely submerging himself), I’ll post photos and you can send your check to the charity of your choice. Here’s who’s pledged a donation so far:

Wounded Warrior Project
D.C. of Board 49- $92.25. D.C. has issued a challenge to other members of Board 49 to match his donation.
Jay- $20
Seth- $25
Tom- $20

Broome County Humane Society
Kathy's Tax Service- $50

Mom's House
Anonymous- $200

American Red Cross
Shannon- $100

American Heart Association
Anonymous- $50
Howard- $10
Glenn- $45
Laurie and Greg-$25

Danielle House
John- $200

Cancer Fund
Robin- $50
Tom- “a lot of money”

For The Linds Sarcoma Fund
Traci Taylor- $25

Northpointe Wishing Well
Sabina- $25
Anonymous- $500

Wendy’s Walk for Kids
Keli Cooper- $50 and she will match any other Wendy’s Walk donation that comes in before the plunge.

Mike and co-workers from Owego have pledged $10 a month to five charities (TBD) each month for the rest of the year for a total pledge of $550.

And to make sure that Glenn holds true to his word, I had him sign a contract: