I have good and bad news about Reba McEntire.  First the good.

She's coming to the New York State Fair with Caroline Kole on Sunday, August 25th. You can win tickets with us every day this week with Reba-okey.  You can buy tickets here.

Now the bad (or is it sad) news. Canceled. That’s the word for Reba's sitcom ‘Malibu Country,’ which aired on Friday nights on Newschannel 34. The show has been cancelled after one season.

McEntire played singer Reba MacKenzie who moved her family and went to Malibu after her country music star husband was caught cheating on her. She attempts to resurrect her career, while raising two teenagers.  Reba also dealt with her cranky live-in mother played by Lily Tomlin.

ABC had announced that ‘Malibu Country’ was the highest rated freshman comedy of the fall 2012 season, averaging 8.7 million viewers an episode. But the network still didn't to order a second season.

I don't think we have to worry about Reba though, I think she'll be just fine. Register today for Reba-okey.