I was talking to a friend last night who just had a discussion with her class about "Cell Phone Novelists". New authors are now writing entire novels ON THEIR CELL PHONES! I couldn't imagine the thumb ache after this. But, last month, the year end best seller totals showed that cellphone novels, republished in book form, have not only showed up inside the mainstream novel sales but ARE DOMINATING IT.

Whatever their writing skills are, cellphone novelists are gaining the kind of sales that most more experienced, traditional novelists can only wish to achieve.

One cell phone novelist, 21 year old woman named Rin, wrote a story called “If You” over a six month time period during her senior year in high school. While commuting to her part time job or whenever she had a free moment, she tapped out the paragraphs on her cellphone and uploaded them on a popular web site for up and coming authors.

After cell phone readers voted her novel up into the number one spot, her story of the tragic love between two childhood friends was turned into a 142 page hardcover book. Last year it sold 400,000 copies and became the #5 best selling novel of 2007!

Here's a video explaining the phenomenon: