If you received a message on your Facebook page that Celine Dion died in an airplane or car accident, your Facebook page may have been compromised, especially if you click on the suggested Apps for more information. Warning to you, don't click!

The Canadian singer is the latest victim of a fake death hoax. Other past entertainers have been targeted including Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan, Justin Bieber, Eddie Murphy, Britney Spears and Kanye West.

It's really sick as the story seems official as it claims to be supported by CNN Fox News but the truth is, these agencies never issued the story in the first place.

According to About.com, they are rogue Apps that can get access to members profile information and will post on their behalf. "The aim of the App is to reproduce itself as it will post blurb on the pages of everyone on that member's friend list."

The best thing to do, is to ignore the story, don't click on anything and check your sources before you spread the rumor any further.