In 2016, my family made a decision that we would focus on giving each other experiences rather than things and I'm happy to say that we've continued to do what we said we would.

The whole giving each other experiences business came about after the birth of our son, when we quickly realized just how little space we have in our home because it was becoming filled with "stuff." We realized that we needed to scale back on what we were giving each other because everything was starting to get overwhelming.

So, instead of giving each other as many material things that have the sad chance to be set aside and forgotten, we now give each other the gift of experiences. By giving experiences, we have an opportunity to do things together as a family and to take photos and videos to capture memories in the making.

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away and if you're still looking for an idea of something fun to do with mom and want to make a memory that she'll remember, why not take a walk on the wild side with her at the Binghamton Zoo?

In honor of everything that mom does for those she loves, the Binghamton Zoo is offering free admission for all moms all day on Sunday, May 14th.

And who knows, maybe my little family will see your family there!

Regular admission prices will remain the same for anyone who isn't a mom.