Rare Celestial Event Today
It only happens about a dozen times a century and it happens today. Mercury moves directly between the Earth and the Sun. It won't happen again till November 2019. You need a telescope with approved solar filters and you can observe it at Kopernik today.
Did The Spring Snow Kill My Flower Bulbs and Trees?
Yesterday we were admiring all the spring bulbs (daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, lilies) and buds on trees and bushes (apple, lilacs) and this morning they are covered with snow and ice.  Driving in to the radio station this morning, it looks like the City of Binghamton only received a little more tha…
First Full Week of Spring is Here [GLENN REACTS]
It's the first full week of Spring. Here are the signs that it's here. Also today is the Full Worm and Sap Moon. I'm a sap so this moons for me. If anything weird happens today, blame it on the moon...I know I am.

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