Have You Ever Abandoned a Car?
On my Texas Christmas road trip I saw a ton of cars abandoned on the highway. I'm talking plates off, I ain't going back for it abandoned. So I got to thinking, who does that? What do you do with your stuff inside? Do you take your tag off then or do you have to find someone with a wo…
10 Worst House Guest Activities
Someone near and dear to my heart is gearing up for an 18 person Thanksgiving at her place. Stressful! House guests have been the bane of their friends and family for eternity for a lot of reasons. Check them out!
A Dash of Autumn [PHOTOS]
I love Autumn. Mother Nature does some pretty great things. Whether its sunshine, snow, hurricanes or twisters that scare the crap out of you as they try to swipe your girlfriend up and off of the road scaring the you know what out of you because you're 90 miles away and at work and can't …
Cruising Country
Chris Young, Kelsea Ballerini, Montgomery Gentry and the cast of 'Nashville' are just some of the performers hitting the tropical waters this winter.

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