10 Best Tourist Spots In The USA
Since travel season is upon us and I am looking forward to getting my camper out and about this summer, I have been looking into the the best tourist attractions in America.
I ran across a top ten on the internet and thought I'd share with you...
9 Out of 10 Trips You’re On The Phone
We ALL know we're not supposed to text and drive, but phone addiction is a real thing.
According to a new study, we use our phones pretty much every time we're in the car.
The study looked at 3.1 million drivers and found they used their phones during 88% of their drives...
Shore Drive-In, Ocean City MD — Abandoned
While on a mini vacation In Maryland... We're running 50 mph down Route 50 and spotted a run down sign. Immediately my thoughts turn to Urban Exploration!  We parked the camper, hopped in the Tahoe and set our sights on the area. It was a Drive-in theater that had been shut down since 1976…
Bus Trip to New York City Auto Show
Here's your opportunity to go to NYC and see the newest vehicles and latest futuristic concept cars. There only a few seats left and the reservation deadline is this Friday (3/31).
Stella Driving — Get it? [VIDEO]
Snow-icane Stella, as I like to call her... Walupped the Southern Tier with an amazing amount of record breaking snow. We had a travel ban issued and most of you were sitting at home watching your porches and driveways fill up and were wondering how in the heck you were going to dig your vehicles ou…
Garth Brooks Has Several Binghamton Connections
Garth rocked Albany for three nights over the weekend. His concert had several Binghamton connections. There is even a Garth Brooks/Glenn Pitcher connection. What was your favorite part of the night?
$750 Plane Ticket Act of Kindness
This woman is the picture of what I believe in. Positivity and love. Fast forward to the airport... a guy and his daughter are checking in for his flight when the attendant asked how old his daughter was. He said she had recently turned two...
Binghamton Gets Plate Readers
Binghamton will getted rigged with license plate readers in the upcoming weeks! In the State of the City address Mayor David spoke of his plans to install ten plate readers around Binghamton this year. Enabling Binghamton in identifying cars that have insurance lapse&nb…
Pancake Eaters Wanted
Time is running out to register to eat pancakes and help out the charity of your choice with the pancake eating contest at the CNY Maple Festival in Marathon!

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