Lady Antebellum Flyaway
You have a chance to catch some rays with Lady A in West Palm Beach and look good standing next to them. Here's how.
Stranger Buys Soldier a Plane Ticket
A 19 year old Army mechanic named Keaton Tilson got to go home and see his family for Memorial Day weekend at the last minute.  He's stationed at Fort Hood in Texas, and he's from Granite City, Illinois near St. Louis.
But apparently he couldn't afford a full price ticket, so he w…
Lindsey Wallace Breast Cancer Benefit
On November 2nd 2016, Lindsay felt a lump in her right breast at 36 years old. On December 7th she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Genetic testing revealed that she carries a BRCA1 Gene with that came having a double mastectomy...
Family Time and Camping!
I am an RV enthusiast to say the least and I love camping. I have been camping since I was a boy. I remember all those years in camping in campgrounds with the family and all the campgrounds we stayed in and all the fun we had, and all the campers we had...
She Ate $7,000 To Keep It From Her Hubby
A 30-year-old woman in got into a fight with her husband over money, and ended up eating $7,000 in cash to hide it from him.
It's not clear why she thought ingesting the money was her only option, but it was described as a, quote, "act of desperation...
Advance Auto Parts Crash
A guy named Leonard Owens was driving to an Advanced Auto Parts store in Dry Ridge, Kentucky on Tuesday morning because he needed to fix his brake lines.
And apparently he he waited a little long to get those parts, because as he was pulling into a parking space, his brakes failed completely&nbs…

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