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Sam Alex Dishes on 48th Annual CMA Awards
I'm so super jealous of my buddy Sam Alex who hosts Taste of Country Nights here on the Hawk weeknights at 7pm. He's in Nashville for the 48th Annual CMA Awards and called to dish on who he'll be interviewing tonight.
Halloween Celebrations Continue on TV
If you haven't yet seen "The Great Pumpkin" appear to the Peanuts gang this year, you're in luck, they are back a day before Halloween (Thursday night at 8) on ABC.  Typically the alphabet network repeats this classic a number of times because there is such a huge au…
Goodbye Honey Boo Boo
Listen up Southern Tier reality TV fans.  I hate to break this to you but, TLC is canceling it's once popular 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' altogether, following troubling reports that “Mama June” Shannon had resumed a relationship with a convicted child molester.
Shelter Dog vs TV Weatherman [WATCH]
They always tell entertainers to avoid working with pets and children because they steal the show.  I guess you could say that about a shelter dog who wanted all the attention of the weather guy on a Canadian TV station.  I laughed my tail off when I watched this today.

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