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Free Outdoor Movies in Broome County! [LIST]
There's nothing better than watching a movie with the kids. They are quiet and enthralled for the most part and just need drinks and popcorn. You know what's better? When the movie is outside in the fresh air and its free!
MetroPCS is putting on 'Movies in the Park'...
‘Craving You’ Movie Trailer[VIDEO]
I stumbled upon this, this morning and... WOW! I love the song 'Craving You' and action movies so this pairing of the two was exceptional.
It's kind of like a mini movie as it DOES have an ending and to be honest Thomas Rhett may have a shot at being on film...
Wonder Woman vs. Captain Underpants
Two new movies have landed on the big screen early this month and I wonder which will be the Big money maker?
1.  "Wonder Woman"  (PG-13)  Origin Trailer and the Final Trailer
Long before Gal Gadot became Wonder Woman, she grew up as an Amazonian princess on Themyscira…
American Idol Returns
The rumors were true:  ABC is bringing "American Idol" back, just 13 months after it ended its 15 year run on Fox.  There aren't many details yet, but here's what we found out:
In a statement, an ABC exec said:
"America, get ready for the return of …

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