Power Strip Safety
The holidays are coming up and we'll be using few of these while we decorate our living rooms with twinkle lights, light up our mini-villages, Nativity Scenes and Menorah's. We should be aware that even though these outlet-a-plenty little guys are handy, we need to checking them for safety…
Tailgating Accidents Covered by Insurance
Handy info on the way to you now! Just in case you're tailgating and you fall off your fun wagon here's four of your injuries covered by your insurance policy!
1. Burning your car with the grill. Whether you set it up too close, or you put it back in the trunk while it's still hot…
The Top 10 Most Rat Infested Cities
Orkin just released its rankings for the 50 most rat infested cities in America, according to how many extermination calls they got in the past year. Turns out, Chicago takes the cake for the second year in a row.
without further ado... H...

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