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4 Lunch Habits That Make You Fat
Pack your own lunch it's easy and healthier!.  You're saving cash that way too.  But here are four easy ways to cut down on calories, even if you go out for lunch:
1.  Stop deciding what to eat at the last minute.  A study last year found we consume fewer calories if we …
The Grossest Food Every State Loves [WATCH]
One of my favorite websites just put together a list of the grossest foods that people love in every state. Whats New Yorks grossest food? Check it out below along with some of the highlights:
1. Straight out of Rochester, NY...
The Least Healthy Fast Food Item just worked with some dietitians to figure out the least healthy item at every major fast food chain.  The "winners" are based calories, fat, salt, protein, and the ingredients.  Are you ready to find out your favorite is killing you...
Learn to Line Dance To Hometown Girl [VIDEO]
Every Wednesday the guys and gals of Crew Country Linedancing get to scootin' their boots and showing you just how to do it! We are featuring one of everybody's favorite new songs this week, Josh Turner's "Hometown Girl"! You'll learn the steps in no time and lo…
Winterfest is Back at Tioga Downs! (WATCH)
It's time again to celebrate the Holidays! Winterfest returns to Tioga Downs on November 25 and it again features their extravaganza of a light show, horse drawn wagon rides, singing trees and more holiday awesomeness!
Help Chenango Ambulance Get Up and Running
Help Chenango Ambulance by joining them for a fundraiser at Moe's and Hoopla on Front Street in Binghamton! Coming up this Friday, November 18th!! They will get almost a third of the proceeds from your purchases at both franchises!
Get Free Stuff for Voting Today!
Lots of places are giving discounts today. Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut if you voted, 7-Eleven is selling cups of coffee for $1 . . . and most YMCAs will watch your kid for free while you go vote.

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