Bizarre News

Yell as Loud as You Can at the Gym
We have all seen the guy or girl. Ripped up shirt, a giant shaker bottle, and a bunch of white chalk around them. They are getting ready to kick the gym’s butt. They breath heavy and grunt like there’s no tomorrow. Does the grunting actually help?!
Pi Day and Pi Day Jokes
Today is March 14th or as it's known, Pi Day. It's the annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant pi, 3.141592653 etc. and I have Pi jokes to celebrate the occasion.
Stop Shopping While Sipping
We need to leave our phones at home when having a few cocktails. Not because they may break, but because we spend a ton online shopping! Find out how much here!
OUCH! Why People Pinch You When You Don’t Wear Green
With Binghamton Parade Day just a few days away, it is time to get that green shirt you always wear out of your closet, throw it in the wash, and get it nice and clean for the Saturday celebration. But why do people pinch you if you don't wear green?!
A Delicious Proposal [WATCH]
There is now a trend online under #AvocadoProposal. This basically where the person proposing picks out the perfect ring AND avocado. In lieu of the traditional ring box, the person being proposed to is present a ring in a hollowed out avocado.
Going on a Blind Date is Just Like Skydiving
We all get anxious. We all get nervous. I was once told “if you aren’t nervous, you aren’t ready.” That being said, a first date is the scariest dang thing out there. But does going on a blind date compare to the rush of skydiving?

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