New Garth Set Out Friday
The ultimate Garth Brooks collection is officially released Friday (November 11) with a special 10-disc set that includes never before heard music.
Get Free Stuff for Voting Today!
Lots of places are giving discounts today. Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut if you voted, 7-Eleven is selling cups of coffee for $1 . . . and most YMCAs will watch your kid for free while you go vote.
5 Things I Loved About The CMA Awards
The Country Music Association (CMA) has been handing out awards for 50 years now. The Country Music Association started in 1958 with the first awards handed out in 1967. According to Wikipedia, the ceremony was a non- televised event that first year, was hosted by Sonny James and Bobbie Gentry, and …
Top Allergy-Free Candy
You don't want to play tricks on kids that have allergies to candy that contains peanuts or tree nuts. See what the popular treat choices are before you buy your candy.

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