Birdsalls Top 5 for RV Camping
I'm getting excited because the weather is getting nicer by the minute and I'm looking forward to getting the camper out and doing some trips. There's nothing better than getting the RV out to a spot and enjoying the days attractions, and nights by the campfire...
Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts
This years survey found 70% of us plan to buy a Mother's Day gift this year.  We'll toss down $58 on average.  But 1 in 5 people think it's hard to find a great gift.  So this might help take the guesswork out of it.
A bunch of moms voted on what the best …
The 6 Realest Songs About Sam Hunt’s Wife
Sam Hunt certainly ascribes to the classic mantra, "write what you know." And in his case, what he knew was his relationship with his girlfriend, now wife, Hannah Lee Fowler — the ups and downs and everything in between.
5 Things Never to Keep Your Work Computer
So, there's some stuff you should never be storing on your computer at work. We just had a meeting about this here at the station recently! But... someone went out and about and asked a bunch of Human Resources Pros what shouldn't be on your work machine...
Peeps Are On The Way Out
I never liked Peeps anyway... I take that back, you roast one of those things for a smores... Oh yeah!  Otherwise they are worthless to me. AND!!! Apparently, worthless to you as well!
According to a new survey, Peeps have plummeted in popularity over the past few years in the face of bette…

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