National Do Something Nice Day
Today is the day to do something nice for someone. Everyone is still anxious after Sunday's shooting and are looking for ways to do something nice. What are you going to do today? We have a suggestion for you.
Taking the Worry Out of Worrying
Everywhere you turn, people are worried. Whether it's Puerto Rico, North Korea...or the NFL players sitting for the National Anthem. Okay, I'm not worried about the last one. There are many reasons to worry but here's why we shouldn't worry.
The Binghamton Devils to Honor Veterans All Season Long
The Binghamton Devils season is almost here. Listen to the Hawk Morning Show to win tickets to the preseason game next Sunday. The Devils are also honoring Veterans at every home game this year. Find out how to nominate a Veteran here.
15th Annual Men Who Cook Event Tonight
The men are doing the cooking and the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier is the winner on tonight (9/21). It's their biggest fundraiser of the year. I'm not cooking because it's about wellness not illness.

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