Reasons To Own A Dog
Today (6/23) is "Take Your Pet to Work" Day. Are you taking your pet to work today? We have a Forever dog named "CJ." It's been very satisfying...except for the occasional chewing of the shoe. Here are my reasons to own a dog.
These Words Are Making You Look Old [LIST]
You are probably noticing an influx of new coworkers in their 20's popping into your workplace. All that jargon that you are using, that you grew up on is most likely making you look really old. I'm guilty of still using the word "cool" which is apparently the same as &am…
Signs You Had a Bad Father’s Day
I had a very good Father's Day. Tara gave me an awesome card and Riley gave me a gift card for iced coffees. Here are signs that you weren't as lucky.
Front Door Service [Video]
This is why you all buy smart cars isn't it?
It's not the gas savings, its the size of the car that matters. This guy... somewhere in China is related to the Wicked  Witch of the West. Because apparently if he gets wet he'll melt. He drove his smart car into this convenience store…
Today is ‘Sneak A Kiss’ Day
Today is 'Sneak A Kiss' Day. There many reasons to kiss like love and intimacy for example. Here are some reasons that you may not have thought about.
Get Your Kids To Eat Veggies![VIDEO]
Apparently its pretty simple, you just give the veggies more awesome of a name!
Researchers at Stanford University hung out in lunchrooms to find out what works. They simply started flipping the signage for the vegetables out a ton of times with different names on them...

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