It’s National Grouch Day
If you are a NY Giants fan then today is your day because it's National Grouch Day. This is what makes me grouchy. How about you?
Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work & School Day
The second Wednesday in October is National Take Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day. With everything happening in the world today, it's nice to have this little distraction. We celebrate with bear jokes.
Peanuts for Parking
The parking officials at New Mexico State University are letting students pay off their parking tickets with peanut butter. I wish we could do this!
Today is International Translation Day
The final day of September is "International Translation Day." Is it me or does it feel like you and your spouse are talking 2 different languages? I'm here to help..sort of.
Can Coffee Raise the Risk of Disease?
Today (9/29) is "National Coffee Day" and many of our favorite coffee places are celebrating. A recent study says that drinking coffee can increase the risk of disease. I have a few questions for these people.
Words and Phrases That Bug Us
"Sheeple" is now a word and "Snowflake" has a different meaning. Do these words/phrases bother you? Here are some other words you should avoid.

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