The Top 10 Reasons Why Drinking Beer Is Awesome [LIST]
Did you know that the 80th birthday of the repeal of prohibition in 1933 was December 8th? We have celebrated with beer ever since. It's the great relaxer, the party starter and the reason you woke up next to your sisters best friend. Who will now tell everyone she was with you except you siste…
Ways to Make Your Life Easier [GLENN REACTS]
Everyday life is hard and we're so busy these days. Wouldn't it be awesome to make it easier without working hard for it?
Well, here ya go. These are in no particular order of course because that would be too much work.
Lesson Learned From Worms and Kids
I try to learn something new everyday. During the week, I try to learn something between 5am and 6am, just to get it out of the way. The weekends are tougher. On Sunday, I learned something at church and it had to do with worms courtesy of my daughter, Tara.
The Pitcher’s Are Obsessed With Our Rescue Dog
We were a Dog Foster Family and currently are a Dog Forever Family with CJ. What an awesome experience for us. If you ever thought about adopting a dog, we highly suggest getting a rescue dog. There are several places to get one. You can find out inside.
Some might say that we are obse…
How You Know It’s Cold Outside [GLENN REACTS]
In the words of Dean Martin and Martina McBride "Baby, It's Cold Outside." It's sad when you go outside and say, "It's not as cold as I thought it was going to be." It's 8 degrees! 8 is a time of day or shoe size not a temperature!
Here is how y…
Butterball Hotline Is Now Open [GLENN REACTS]
We are 1 week away from Thanksgiving and my 11-year-old niece, Braedyn, is going to cook the turkey again this year.  I've seen how her mother cooks, so she's going to need help. So I'm giving her my giving her the Butterball Turkey Holiday Hotline number.
Here's so…
Determine Your Pie Personality
Does anyone remember the TV series that ran on ABC a couple of years back called 'Pushing Daisies' with Kristin Chenoweth and Lee Pace?  The show was an interesting mix of comedy/drama/fantasy that centered around a fictitious eating place called "The Pie Hole," where they would serve one …

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