This Weeks Stupid Criminal Award Goes to This Chick
I have heard of people counterfeiting plates, basically cutting a plate out of tin and painting it to match a real plate and using those cheap paste on house numbers on the front. Now this is a whole new level of confidence in your craft skills, or lack thereof.
5 of Binghamton’s Best Excuses For Being Late To Work
According to ABC News, 15-20% of Americans are "consistently late," especially when it comes to work.  And that costs the economy billions of dollars every year? If you're one of those late wanderers in to work or you work with someone who is, you know it can add a lot of…
Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes?
Have you ever noticed that a kitten or cat is quite content with a simple box over an expensive cat bed or elaborate toy?  As the owner of 7 rescue cats, it's something that I've learned to accept, cats are silly, complicated and yet simple animals that love to be unpredictable in the…

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