Guy Sues His Ex For The Cost Of Dating
You got dumped because you had cold feet. She was high maintenance and expensive anyway right? Well, if you live over seas you can sue for investment loss!  A woman named Nina Zgurskaya in Siberia, Russia broke up with her man after two years because he didn't pop the questi…
It’s National Jelly Bean Day
Today is not only Earth Day. It's also National Jelly Bean Day. If you have extra jelly beans that you want to get rid of, I know how to help. Check it out.
Birdsall’s Tips On Dealing with Road Construction
OK bottom line, construction is going to happen. It’s how we move forward with safety, decreased travel times and repair the roadways that make your bladder almost explode on the way to your destination. Here’s some tips from me on how to make the best of it.

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