Facebooks New Marketplace Overrun With Naughty
So... Facebook launched a new feature Monday called "Marketplace." It's their version of Craigslist, where we can buy and sell stuff locally. And just like Craigslist did once upon a time it immediately went naughty!
On the first day people started selling drugs,…
Debate Drinking Game
Watch the debate and see how many times these catch phrases and words come up. If you plan to party around the TV, be safe.
Four Weight Loss Myths
A couple of doctors at the University of Michigan wrote an article where they called out four myths almost everyone believes about losing weight:
Myth #1: You just need to make a few small changes in your diet. It depends on how "small" the changes are...
Hawk Makeovers with Rich Birdsall Ep.5 [WATCH]
The Hawk is teaming up with Thrifty Shopper to give free weekly makeovers to our listeners in the Greater Binghamton area. The catch? You’ll be dressed by ME! I ain’t joining you in the change room, (even though some of you sick puppies would be all for it) so you have no worries about t…

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