I’m On The Naughty List Because…
It's been all over social media today, "I'm on the naughty list because___" Interactive game. its kind of fun because you just tap the middle predictive button until you get a completed sentence. Here's mine:
"I'm on the naughty list because I have a lar…
Tipping Etiquette for Christmas
It's Christmas time. Time to give to those who help us out all year long. What do we tip them? Here's what the experts say to tip and my thoughts. Also find out what kind of lights Noah used on the Ark.
Best Booze Gifts
Some may prefer their gifts in a bottle and we rounded up the best ideas to please that social drinker you know.
Different Ways to Cook Turkey
There are a lot of different ways to cook a turkey. I wouldn't recommend any of these...but it might get you out of ever making a turkey again.
The Grossest Halloween Candies
Halloween is Monday. Are you looking to give out the gross candy? Are you looking to get your house TPed? This is the candy to get.

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