National Spring Cleaning Week
This week is Spring Cleaning Week. The key to Spring Cleaning is not having to do it yourself. This is my tried and true method. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.
Common Phrases We Screw Up
Have you heard your friends or coworkers say common phrases wrong? Drives you nuts but you don't want to correct them because well... you'll look like a complete jerk.
Did you know that "You've got another thing coming" is wrong as well...
Late Night Snapchat With Birdsall [WATCH]
I don't usually play with stuff like this but lets be honest, it was late. I was delirious and couldn't sleep. Most everyone was asleep on Facebook and I needed to try and tire myself out. I got to poking through Snapchat and using the filters...
It’s World Sleep Day
It's nice when St. Patrick's Day and World Sleep Day fall on the same day. It's a day to recognize the importance of sleep. Have trouble sleeping? Read this.
Sexy? or Awkward… (Careful)
It's pretty embarrassing when you're doing something to try to be sexy and seeing the person you're with fighting the urge to laugh in your face.  So this survey has some good advice on how to keep that from happening.
Buzzfeed asked people if they find these 10 th…
Chrome Call To Rid Yourself of Annoying Co-Workers
When your coworkers keep popping by your desk to talk to you, it's really tough to get your work done. So you need a way to get back to your job, or for some of you... YouTube. You need an out.  Here's a pretty brilliant solution.
It's a new app for the Google Chrome web…
Are These Strawberries Red?
It's been two years since that blue-black-white-gold dress blew up online.  There have been tons of confusing "What color is this?" photos that have gone viral since then, and here's the latest.
A new photo is going around that shows a bowl of strawberries a…

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