Like Dark Comedy? You’re Way Smarter!
Do you like dark comedy? If so, you might just be a genius.
A new study out of Austria found that people who liked dark, twisted humor had higher IQs than people who didn't.
The researchers think it takes quick, complex information processing to fully appreciate jokes about things like serious il…
Most Ridiculous Thing Your Parents Did To Save Cash
I can remember my parents saving cash any way they could. I remember them putting our garbage in shopping bags and throwing them out at several gas stations making it look like we "just cleaned out the car" or my grandmother asking for her "Senior Citizens Discount&quo…
Squirrel Appreciation Day
Did you know today is Squirrel Appreciation Day? Much like Groundhog Day, it's an under appreciated day. So I'm doing my part to honor and appreciate the squirrel. Here's some fun facts....okay, mildly amusing.....something to pass the time facts about the squirrel.
Prison Break Via Boyfriend In Suitcase
There's this guy named Jose Anzoategui who's currently doing nine years in prison in Venezuela for car theft. His girlfriend Antonieta Saouda went to visit him last week, and she brought a pink suitcase with her.
As she was leaving the prison, the guards noticed she was really struggli…
It’s Manwatcher’s Week
It always happens in the second full week of January. Wow! I guess it is the second week of January already! Happy Manwatcher's Week, everyone!
Here's a little help for the men, from a man that doesn't get watched.
Of course, the below guidelines don't reflect those who don&ap…
Changes That Can Work For 2017
New Year, New You. We've all heard that expression. Are you going to do it? Here's some small changes you can make that can help you...and those around you.
Courtship Tails at the Binghamton Zoo
Have you ever wondered how a red panda chooses its mate or how a penguin shows love to its other half? Come to 'Courtship Tails' at the Binghamton Zoo to learn about these and other unique mating rituals of animals at our zoo and around the world...
My New Year’s Wishes
We all make resolutions and wishes that we don't keep. So for 2017, I resolve to make my wishes practical. Here they are.
Old-Fashioned Home Remedies
Being sick around the holidays stink. Sometimes it's the stress of the season that makes us that way. You don't have time to go to the walk-in. Here are things around the house that can help you get healthy.
I’m On The Naughty List Because…
It's been all over social media today, "I'm on the naughty list because___" Interactive game. its kind of fun because you just tap the middle predictive button until you get a completed sentence. Here's mine:
"I'm on the naughty list because I have a lar…

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