What Do Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Say About You
Before marriage, we would celebrate Valentine's Week with a larger (more expensive) gift every day til V-Day. Now it's flowers on the 14th. Getting the right flowers is the difference between "Oh Yeah" and "Oh No." Here's what it all means.
Pre-Teen Shares Thoughts on Valentine’s Day
Did you know when you talk to yourself, that it's the right side of the brain talking to the left? This was the conversation my daughter had in her head when she forget it was Valentine's Eve.
Things We Should Do Every Day
As I get older, I realize that there is more time behind me then ahead of me. Here's some things that is recommended we
do everyday...and my thoughts about it.
Game Plan Party For the Big Game
Sunday is the Big Game and it's your turn to host the party at your house. To quote my daughter Tara, "Do you have a plan?" Well here's a game plan for a winning Sunday according to those who know more about it than I do. I have my thoughts on their thoughts
Reasons To Celebrate Groundhog Day
It's the 130th anniversary of Groundhog Day. I think it's the most unappreciated holiday but it's gaining ground. Why? Can you say "Groundhog Day" movie marathon? Now you can watch the movie over and over again. Here are other reasons to celebrate.
Big Game Food Ideas With Little Work
Is it your turn to cook at your house before the game on Sunday? Traci has some awesome Big Game Bites. Maybe you're more like me and only cook once a year. Here are some ways to make it look like you worked hard, without all the effort.
The Grossest Food Every State Loves [WATCH]
One of my favorite websites just put together a list of the grossest foods that people love in every state. Whats New Yorks grossest food? Check it out below along with some of the highlights:
1. Straight out of Rochester, NY...
Over 2 Million Still Pay To Use AOL.
Saw an article from the consumerist that made my head spin. With all the advances in tech now this was surprising to me. Apparently, over 2 million people still pay to use AOL. That's right... PAY to use AOL. The company says they make nearly 58 million per month on paid subscriptions...
Dentures Nab a Car Theif
31 year old Lindsey Stanley-McShane of Lady Lake, Florida stole a Kia on Friday.  Eventually she pulled over and got out, and she started trying to break into people's homes until the cops showed up.
They realized the Kia was stolen and they asked Lindsey if she'd taken it, but she sai…
Like Dark Comedy? You’re Way Smarter!
Do you like dark comedy? If so, you might just be a genius.
A new study out of Austria found that people who liked dark, twisted humor had higher IQs than people who didn't.
The researchers think it takes quick, complex information processing to fully appreciate jokes about things like serious il…
Most Ridiculous Thing Your Parents Did To Save Cash
I can remember my parents saving cash any way they could. I remember them putting our garbage in shopping bags and throwing them out at several gas stations making it look like we "just cleaned out the car" or my grandmother asking for her "Senior Citizens Discount&quo…

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