V-Day Bare Minimum
Hopefully you remembered that tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I hate it. I don't care anymore. But! If you know it's V-Day tomorrow and you care, you're heading in the right direction.  Now, if you didn't buy her anything, you're gonna be having to half-ass it t…
Is Valentine’s Day Dying?
Is Valentine's Day as we know it starting to fizzle? It seems more and more people are starting to push back against what many call a greeting card holiday.
Is This a Demon, an Angel or a Palm Tree? (PICTURE)
A guy named Richard Christianson from Laveen, Arizona posted a photo on Facebook on New Year's Day, and it's going viral because people can't quite figure out what it is.
The photo shows a large, shadowy figure that appears to have wings standing on the street...
Children Shop With Joey Sindelar
Broome County Community Charities and DICK’S Sporting Goods has invited 20 children from local Boys and Girls Clubs to a Christmas shopping spree.

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