Peeps Are On The Way Out
I never liked Peeps anyway... I take that back, you roast one of those things for a smores... Oh yeah!  Otherwise they are worthless to me. AND!!! Apparently, worthless to you as well!
According to a new survey, Peeps have plummeted in popularity over the past few years in the face of bette…
5 Ways To Screw Up Her Flowers
Guys screw stuff up all the time. I know that flowers are the easiest to foul up. So... let me help you for next time.Here's five solid ways you will screw up sending her flowers.
1. Waiting until the last minute. If you do, there might not be much to choose from at flower shops. Or ...
V-Day Bare Minimum
Hopefully you remembered that tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I hate it. I don't care anymore. But! If you know it's V-Day tomorrow and you care, you're heading in the right direction.  Now, if you didn't buy her anything, you're gonna be having to half-ass it t…
Is Valentine’s Day Dying?
Is Valentine's Day as we know it starting to fizzle? It seems more and more people are starting to push back against what many call a greeting card holiday.

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