Helpful Halloween Hints
It's Halloween and I want you to be healthy, happy and safe. If you use my "helpful" hints, you can keep it that way! One of the tips, I know by experience.
Horrible Horror Movies to Watch For Halloween
With Halloween coming on Tuesday, this weekend (especially Sunday) could be a good time to watch a movie to get you in the Halloween spirit...get it, Halloween spirit. Here are some HORRORable movies for you.
Top 10 Halloween Horror Movies
Halloween is on Tuesday this year, but that shouldn't stop you from celebrating a little early this weekend with the top 10 Halloween horror movies of all time!
Odd Online Halloween Costumes
Halloween is a week from today. If you're looking for an odd costume, you can find them online. Doesn't Tara look thrilled that we are wearing matching costumes?
My Fall Favorites
We are a month into the fall season most of us are preparing for bad weather and looking ahead to the holidays, so what are your favorite things about fall.

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