How To Catch the Flu Without Realizing It
Flu season is here! If you remember the last time you had the flu I'm sure you didn't enjoy it. You may be putting yourself at risk and not even know it. Here's some stuff to pay attention to:
1.  Washing your hands incorrectly.  W...
Drinking Coffee Makes You Live Longer
There have been several studies that have found people who drink coffee live longer, but none of them really figured out why. Good news everyone! Scientists at Stanford University just completed a study on why coffee is a plus for longevity...
Five Easy Tips to Be Healthier This Year
If you're trying to be healthier this year, or that was your New Year's Resolution... here are five small changes that don't require much effort.  But they can actually make a boatload of difference!
1.  Start calling yourself a "runner...
Yoga Does a Heart Good
Yoga improves muscle strength and flexibility, but researchers were surprised to learn that yoga also cut down on cardiovascular disease risk factors.

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