Antibiotics in Food
As of this writing, over 10,000 HAWK Facebook followers have looked at the Massive Beef Recall article I posted yesterday.  Since then, many people have commented on how they can safely consume beef and safety concerns on the foods they may be ordering out at area restaurants.
Welcome to Movember
The switch from October to November doesn’t seem like it should be such a big deal, but believe it or not, it actually is.
Massive Ground Beef Recall
According to CNN, more than 167,000 pounds of ground beef from a meat company in Nebraska is being recalled for fears of being tainted with E.Coli bacteria that may make beef eaters very sick.  Some of the beef could have made it on the shelves at grocery stores in the Southern Tier.
Chocolate Festival is Sunday in Binghamton
The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry.  Today chocolate comes in classic milk, dark, white and the rare blond chocolate.  It seems only appropriate to honor this healthful snack with a full blown Chocolate Festival Halloween weekend in Binghamton!
Woman Donates Kidney to Stranger on Facebook
Isn't it incredible the relationships built on social sites? I always love when someone sends me a Facebook friend request and I get to know them over time and then when I meet them in person, I feel like I've known them my whole life.
The Best Time to Go to Bed
I can't remember the last time that I got an entire night of uninterrupted sleep. It's definitely been more than a year and these days, it's not because of being in my third trimester of pregnancy and miserable, but because of my adorable little boy who randomly wakes up through the n…
Research Finds Link Between Bacon and Cancer
Before I got pregnant, I was mildly obsessed with bacon. And then the strangest thing happened- in my second trimester, just looking at a picture of bacon made me sick. While I don't get violently ill by simply looking at bacon anymore, my appetite for it has decreased substantially and it&apos…
Why Cancer Is Rare Among Elephants
A recent finding that shows elephants rarely get cancer.  So can we learn from these large mammals?  According to an article in Discover magazine, even though the mammals are 100 times the size of humans, elephants are less likely to get cancer. But why?
Sorry, Ebooks – 4 Reasons Hard Copies Are Better
When I say that I have an obsession with books, I'm not even exaggerating. Not in the tiniest bit. Don't believe me? Ask my friends who helped me move once and never again because they couldn't deal with the 30 or so boxes of books that I have.

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